G.A.S. Thread

Since there is nothing I like doing more than spending money I don’t have, I wanted to share a couple of things I found on kickstarter that are going into my setup this year (I fully expect delays).

Obviously Chompi…

I don’t know why, but that was probably the best product demo and launch I have ever seen. fully funded in 60 seconds.

But here is one I stumbled across last night and immediately pledged. It’s called “Hanago” and it appears to be a fully chromatic single fret zither. I do not own any stringed instruments, and I’ve always wanted a Lyre or Kalimba.

This can be played like a Guitar, Piano, or Kalimba. It also has a piezo pickup :smiley:

I am going to learn how to shred on this thing. Boy, oh boy! The ideas the MDX is putting in my head regarding this instrument is quite exciting.


Also, sorry if this isn’t allowed, but I thought these instruments will pair great with MOD units.

Oh, and sorry for thread posting today lmao

EDIT: posted the correct link to Hanago


yes. obviously. i’m a bit tapped out right now, but it’s sure on my list…

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Some of you might enjoy https://www.gasnewsletter.com/


Lol yeah, I am not exactly in the best position for ol’ chompi. My wife says I’m getting it as a bday present regardless, and the campaign closes a few days before my 33rd bday.

The Hanago is a definite buy for me just because it kinda combines an instrument I’ve always wanted at a 6th of the price. And tbh, I’ve always been jealous of stringed instrument players due to the sound the strings make while fingers glide across them.

It will give me a lot more to explore with sound design and creative ambient tracks

Pls delete lmao jk

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Oh dear, what have I done lol?

Augustus Gloop falls into the river of chocolate


yup. even though i’ve primarily played acoustic instruments all my life, they still completely freak me out from time to time with their immediacy and quirky “realness”!

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ok I just bought a hanago… man the dry piezo demo sounds crappy, but I would hope it’s a bit better in the room, def with some eq and fx… looks fun anyway, good beach instrument :slight_smile:

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It looks like it will be easier for me to pick up and learn. I’m already familiar with a keyboard, but know nothing about strings.

This should give me a bit of a leg up over a standard lyre. I fully intend on seeing what I can do to its sound with the MDX, and I’m actually quite excited about the possibilities.

Now I can seek out that “tone” I hear about so much lol

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