Fx4 crashing all the time on MOD DUO

Guys, I have a serious problem with the FX4. Since I received it I haven’t been able to fully trust it. I turn on the MOD DUO, it takes a while to enter the predefined settings. While I’m using it, it freezes, but it doesn’t seem like it has, the buttons continue to light up the LEDs but the effects don’t turn on or off. I almost have heart attacks in the middle of the song. I had to put bypass control on my MIDI controller, to turn everything off and minimize the problem. So for it to come back to life I often need to restart the entire pedalboard… and sometimes it doesn’t even come back (in this case it appears FOOT1, FOOT2… ETC… As if it wasn’t recognized by the MOD DUO).

I don’t know if it’s a hardware problem… the ports or the cable.
I tested several RJ45 connectors and the same thing happens in all of them. Lately I was using the cable that comes with the FX4, even though it was extremely short, which I solved by placing the MOD on a floor above and in front of the Fx4 (can you use it any other way?)… in order to eliminate the chance of cable, but without success either.

About the problems already discussed in the FORUM:

  • Power supply: I am running the MOD with a hive power supply with more capacity.
  • INFORMATION ON THE FX4 DISPLAYS: I leave the names that will be shown on the displays with the minimum number of characters (DLY, REV, CHOR, Wmmy … etc…) at the end.
  • I usually leave the same foots for effects that are repeated on pedalboards.

Anyway, is there any way to test the fx4’s outputs and inputs? What do you advise?
I’m using the latest firmware available, both for the MOD and the FX4.

Remembering that the defect doesn’t appear all the time… but when it does (usually in the middle of presentations) it sometimes doesn’t come back to life.
Is there any way to report errors… or to know the reason for the connection failure? …
It has also happened that the FX4 has all the LEDs colored…and is stuck.

What to do?


  • It works with USB ports:
  • It will work on both MAIN and NEXT connections (if either has compromised hardware.)
  • Work with USB+RJ45 (if the USB port provides power, if the problem is a power fluctuation)…
    Anyway… I don’t know.

About me and DUO:
In/out 1: Guitar
in/out 2: Vocal
shorts Pedalboards using CPU 70% MAX. Only modulations, Delays, Reverbs and gain controls.
Generally using an effect for the vocals and the guitar and the same delay for both. I’m even looking for a reverb that is stereo and doesn’t mix the channels.
I use two Bypass Harware effects on all pedalboards because of this problem. Except for pedalboards with them activated and on the midi controller, when I change channels it first sends a command to turn on the bypass, so as not to cut the signal during changes.
On the DUO, I use the first foot for TAP and the second for boost gain . I just bought an analogue so I can free up this foot and depend less on fx4.

will anyone help me?

Hi @Yan

I have the impression that your XF4 is defective.

Are you able to update its firmware?

I think I can reinstall the foot drives.
What do you advise me? Go back to the factory one and then reinstall the last one… or reinstall directly?
Do I do it in MOD too? Is it better to do it in parts to eliminate possibilities?
I need time for that. When I do, I will update here.

vou mandar vídeo em PT-BR pra conseguir explicar melhor

1 - Liguei o MOD e ele não identificou o Foot e com erro e com as luzes coloridas e não apareceu conectado no web -

2 - desliguei e liguei o Rj45. O Duo reconheceu o Foot, mas não atribuiu diretamente a pedaleira ativa, só atribuiu quando eu troquei de pedalboard. - 2video mod.mp4 - Google Drive
3- Atualizei o Foot.

  • Percebi que enquanto a pedaleira está ligada, se eu desconectar e conectar o Rj45 ele não volta automaticamente.
  • por enquanto, quando ligo o Duo, o foot está ligando corretamente. Preciso ensaiar para ver o desempenho enquanto troco bancos via MIDI …e estou com ela funcionando plenamente.

vou atualizando.