Fx loop?

Hi again,

So is it possible to use an external fuzz pedal and be able to mix its audio signal with the main dry signal?

Hello @elvisvalentine,

you mean to split the two ins and outs into two processing paths? Yes, this is absolutely possible.
It is often called the 4 wire method because you use some effects like gate, compressor, distortion etc in the preamp section and some effects like delay and reverb in the amp section of your signal chain.
This wiki article might be helpful https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/MOD_Web_GUI_User_Guide#Adding_and_connecting_plugins
and there are some pedalboards that use this method.
If you want to please share your pedalboard you want to insert your external fuzz and get help here in the forum.
Maybe some other forum member will chime in who is using this exact method to help you…

Greetings and God bless, Marius

I run a mini external effect board after my first stage (Rangemaster, overdrive, compression and EQ) out of output one and the effects go into input 2 and I add more plug ins (modulation, delay, reverb, etc.) before output 2. Works great.

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