FX loop effect


I would like to know if there is a kind of plugin which could manage a dedicated fx route in the pedal board. Kind of what we can see in amps to manage fx just after the pre amp.

Something like that: https://jacksinstrumentservices.com/true-bypass-loop-with-volume.html

4 channels (input, output, send, return), and few controls like switch, mix, wet/dry

This could be very helpful to clean up the route of some pedal board.

What do you think?

Should be possible with this https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/plugins/aHR0cDovL2dhcmV1cy5vcmcvb3NzL2x2Mi94ZmFkZQ==

If you split and connect both your dry and wet signal, you can use the plugin A/B control to act like a wet/dry mix control.
It is not exactly the same, but might work.

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I recently bought a mod dwarf and want to set it up using 4 cable method with external preamp or effects in the loop. Not only I want to use this setup with a poweramp and speakers life, but also for silent practice with headphone or use the headphone output to sent to desktop powered speakers.
Is there a way I can select which output will be sent to the headphone output, also sending this mono signal to the left and right ?
thanks for yout answer !

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The headphone output is the same as the left and right main output. You can connect a single mono output to both left and right to get a central headphone output or split signals left/right. If you use the mixer you can pan left right for anything going in.

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thanks for your reply Shaggydog, but in my case I am connecting both outputs, 1 for the loop and one as output to power amp. In this case headphone will pick up output 1 as left, output 2 as right giving me also the loop output. I want to route headphone out single mono output to both left and right, but only for the main output to power amp, not the output to the created external fxloop. Is this possible via a mixer plugin ?

No, the headphone literally mirrors the 2 output channels. You’d have to use an external splitter to get the channel you want and get it to both speakers of your headphone.

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OK, that’s a bit of a bummer, given most other guitar multiFX - unit out there offer this. I’ve read in an other topic here, that it will be difficult / impossible to make the headphone output just as flexible as the other 2 outputs because it shares some hardware. Hopefully there will be a way around in the future to have a selection or dissable one output to headphone. I think this will be usefull players who like to add favorite external pedal or combine with other units. Also for life use, sending preferred output to eg. in ear monitors…
I will try to find a way around at this moment. I’ll try to plug in the main output into my audio interface and have the headphone output with the direct monitor function.