Funding MOD App development?

I think this is a great concept and I’d like to do my small part to further continued development. Is there a way I can send a monthly subscription / donation? Could I be (one of the) first paying customer?

Also, is there a way I can pay for some of the reverb IRs that are used by the featured reverb plugins? I just want them for use on MOD App.


Well, I would be willing to do a little contribution via some kind of Parteon(like) service if it would help plugin/app/GUI dev.

I think there is a lot out there not being used fully because it’s “nearly there”.

A couple of euro’s every month like I do for the “3 minute boardgames” channel would certainly be an option


Count me in


Me too



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I believe one idea was to move the store to a “user centered” model (rather than the current “device centered”) at which point the mod-app could also have store access and you could buy/install plugins including those with assets like IRs.

While I think there is quite some willingness to help fund development, I’m not sure how pure crowd-funding would work without having clear goals. Would a “bounty” system not work better? With well defined feature requests and a set bounty to implement them.

Of course one big issue is that whatever implementation is done it needs to be vetted by MOD so that they can provide long term support. Adding a quick hack to get a feature in might be relatively easy, but having a stable solution that will work for all devices and is reliable in the long term requires much more diligence and careful consideration.

Btw all should know that FalkTX has donation options for his continued work on open-source audio software (including some MOD features like porting Cardinal): KXStudio : Donations


I would also offer my voucher/money to fund development time to complete features in this platform.

The “bounty” system sound good. I asked before for community driven updates. Maybe the MOD team can make a poll and we vote? (I still dream to adjust parameter plugins in the Dwarf without mapping them in advance in my computer…)

Let´s see what they think :slight_smile:

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Yeah perhaps that’s more democratic

Please keep in mind that what we as the users want isn’t necessarily the best for MOD Audio as a business company.
As a business owner - especially of a small company with a diverse customer base like MOD - you have to says “No” to a lot of requests. Otherwise it’s impossible to define and follow a long term strategy.

The bounty system sounds good at first, but I doubt that the sums will be high enough to really fund the development.
Let’s say a developer has to spend a week to create a new feature or plugin. That will easily cost a four-digit amount in €. It’s rather unlikely that the community will come up with such sums.

From my point of view it’s a great idea to encourage MOD to accept donations. But let’s not interfere with the company’s roadmap.


Thanks @Jandalf !!!
The debate seams to have moved from “I want to support the development” to “I would like to influence the development



Maybe the easiest is indeed to fund @falktx directly as long as there is a way to mention that it’s supporting his MOD work (well I guess whatever he does benefits MOD in the long term, and is cool anyway).


Those capable and willing to get involved in OSS contributions (I’m one of them there folks) can make a valuable contribution, however it will take some bandwidth from a MOD employee to coordinate these … and MOD resources are stretched thin at the moment I believe. Why would these folks contribute?

For my part, my Dwarf is an amazing device as it stands, its potential is incredible. I’m happy to spend time in helping improve the ecosystem because it will help me and because I find it interesting (Before retraing as a nurse in 2015, I’d spent nearly 30 years in IT having moved into the profession having been a hobbiest.)

Bounties can work for some things, an interesting perspective is shared here

Sam x


Very good point @Jandalf on the owners that need to protect their own ecosystem.
Agreed, users don’t always want what is actually best.

Any proposals from within MOD are of course to be considered.
For example; if there is a way that MOD pitches some stuff aimed at vocalists and I could “subscribe” to something to support that, I know what I am supporting while MOD remains in control.

As others have already highlighted, the idea could not work with low budget, which is (I suppose) the realistic outcome of such campaign. I would suggest instead to go for another product. A pro-level audio hat interface for rpi 5. Basically what has been done with Dwarf and DuoX for inputs and outputs without the hassle of managing on-board interface and HW enclosure design. The same stuff made by modep with piSound sound card but at a higher level (I’m thinking of the back panel of a fractal audio FM3/9 or a Kemper Stage with pro-grade connections like xlr, trs, midi, exp, ground lift and so on). I would also add an optical port to connect multiple devices without suffering multiple AD/DA conversions.
To me, MOD Dwarf was a dream come true but suddenly I found it was highly underpowered in terms of CPU and IO. Honestly, I would have no problem in funding such kind of new rpi hat product for 500-600 euro.


Thanks for that article. It cleared up some fundamental misunderstandings I had about how bounties work, and their disadvantages.