Frusciante's Under the Bridge

Hi all!

I just shared a pedalboard trying to match the tone of Frusciante’s guitar in RHCP song Under the Bridge. It’s a very simple chain but I never got it quite right with the previous gear I had. I also learned that the tone he uses is not as clean as I thought before! I’m pretty happy with it! I just wish I had a tenth of Frusciante’s skill and talent :roll_eyes:

It has two signal chains. One of them has a NAM profile (Marshall 2525H Mini Silver Jubilee) using the crunch model and the other uses the AIDA X JVCM Crunch so it’s usable if you can’t run regular NAM profiles :kissing_heart:. The chorus/flanger it’s set as default (I didn’t really bother to match that part and I think it sounds nice anyway).

I tried first to use an AIDA X model of the Silver Jubilee but it didn’t get me there :confused:

Glad to hear any comments or suggestions on how to improve it!


I’m no guitarist but it sounds pretty close to me. It’s probably best to link directly to the pedalboard: GTR Frusciante - Under the Bridge - MOD Audio

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Do you mean the link to the pedalboard I added is not working?

It works, but it points to the general pedalboards page. Your pedalboard is the first in the list right now, but as other users contribute new pedalboards, yours will be moved down and will eventually be moved onto the next page and so on. The link I added points to your pedalboard specifically, so people will be able to find it months or years from now.

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Oh I understand lol. Sorry about the mistake. Gonna fix it! Thanks again


My Dwarf immediately goes to 100% CPU…
To much RHCP for the Dwarf?

Probably yes. Remove the path with the NAM plugin and see how it goes. :guitar:

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I didn’t try your pedalboard yet, looking forward to doing it on the weekend! But maybe you could try to lower the cpu usage using this light aida-x capture of the mini jubilee that I captured myself with frusciante’s settings, give it a try!


Thanks! Well, it has two signal chains with the purpose of deleting the heavy one if you’re using a dwarf.

I hope you like it when you try it! Let me know if it works better with your capture!

I’ve haven’t been able to play guitar for almost one month now and there’s so much stuff I want to try too.