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Thought it might be nice to start a thread, where we can share our other machines, that play well with our Mod devices.

As well as using my MDX as a send effect, I’m also using it with Norns Shield. This combo is really nice and compliments each other really well.

The microgranny is another great pairing, particularly with a crazy reverb chain.

One thing that I’m getting a lot of joy from, is using the octatrack to send midi to the mod, to control a synth, and then routing the audio back into the octatrack for more mangling.


Akai MPK mini works very good!
Also mentioned in the midi controller wiki page
Maybe this thread could be used to add more to this wiki page? :upside_down_face:

Also this could go in that thread:

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I’ve been using the Keith mcmillen K-Board. I was lucky enough to grab one for £15 in ebay a while back and its a great partner for the MDX.

The MPK has pads as well, doesn’t it?


Yes 2x4 triggerpads and 8 poties
It’s very practical due to its small measures and useability.

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Great suggestion! There’s this topic of tested MIDI controllers that needs some care soon.
On the side of synth and other non MIDI controller devices, maybe we need to start something different. Not sure exactly what. Maybe if you guys prepare some short tutorials we can list it and add them to our wiki. What do you think?

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I manage all the synths of the DUO and DUO X (as well as most of my other synths) with the MPC One. I haven’t tried the CV out but with MIDI works great. MPC One is really a wonderful machine, for the price.


That’s a really nice and compact way of getting a lot of functionality out of a small set up.

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Ironically I actually sold my mpc one, to grab the MDX :joy:

But yes, great machine. Definitely best seen as it’s own thing instead of bei g the ‘baby’ of the current line up. There’s so much more difference between the one and the live, that you could consider them at equal standing.
I have too many samplers, otherwise it would’ve stayed


My setup consists of a synth -> mod duo X -> looper.
More precisely:
Arturia microbrute => MDX => Ditto x4
I am extremely happy about my setup and I don’t feel that I need anything more.

And for now, my MDX is only used as an effect processor (as well as some delay loops for modulated feedback ambiant weird stuff). I feel as if I only use the MDX to maybe 20% of its max potential. Yet it’s already 100% worth it haha!

I mostly play with a friend who owns a modular synth, and my looper can sync via midi to his pamela’s new workout (who acts more or less as a master clock for both of us).
My microbrute only goes in one input of my MDX, and as such when I’m playing alone I have my guitar (acoustic with microphones picking up percussions on the body) plugged in the second input of the MDX.


You don’t have the issue of signal bleed between the two inputs?

I never noticed but I retried, and yes I do have some bleed.

I didn’t notice because I had some shared modules between both chains, and therefore using some switches to change from one another so it was cutting most of the bleed signal anyways. Also, it was mostly to goof around alone at home in order to discover what the MDX is capable of, didn’t even do any recording. (the “serious” stuff is with my friend, and I have only the synth there).

For separate chains, I think it is solvable with a simple stereo switch at the entry to activate/deactivate the lines. With the state 1 sending the first line to something and the second nowhere, and the second state opposite. Unless the bleed issue is software and not hardware, but my guess is that it can’t really be software. It solves the bleed issue with only one button push. Worse than zero of course, but not too bad.

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