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Steve Harris

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confused about what this does, and how one might use it… the output is labeled “Frequency (Hz)”, but is an audio output. what sort of output signal is this, actually, and what plugins could use it?

thanks much for any clues!

official docs here Steve Harris' LADSPA Plugin Docs
which, well, is a single line…

This controls the level of damping applied to the output.High values will make the frequency output jump around, low values will make it a bit slow to respond.

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yes, i read that. hmmmm… unfortunately, it doesn’t clarify what, exactly is the output of this plugin. it doesn’t look like useful audio, and the implication seems to be that it’s a frequency derived from the audio input. i.e. it’s a control value. also, it’s not continuous. but it’s on an audio output.

so it’s unclear to me how it could be used in the MOD ecology of plugins.

too bad, because a frequency tracking function would be really useful! :wink:

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My guess is that it is just something from LADSPA, where CV ports never became a thing.
So it is an audio port, by acting as CV perhaps.
You can try to use the audio-to-cv plugin to see if that makes that do anything useful…

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