Freq out

Is there any chance one day to see a digitech freqout pedal cover on the Mod Dwarf or Mod duo X?
I love this pedal, I’m gonna buy it but it would be fun to have it in our beloved Mod device.
I want to try to build one in mod as I already tried to make a ricochette.
It don’t seem difficult but it would be better if it existed in a unique form for Mod devices.


I find the freqout also very interesting.

I did not find any effect for mod - not even an lv2 plugin in the internet… I guess it is very hard to replicate the exact plugin, they probably put a lot off effort into tuning it.

Maybe try to implement something simillar with a harmonizer and distortion to create the overtones and some sort of envelope to blend in and out…


Yes that’s what I’m going to try.


Hey guys.
Here’s a attempt to freqout.
I say attempt because it’s a little missed but it’s still interesting. You can play with the transpose pitch to get different results.
For example the transposition to the fifth is more interesting than the octave I find


Hey that sounds nice! I made some attempts with the default pedlboard GTFX:Pitchwave. I seemed like a good starting point. I added an extra distortion to the shifted voice… not exactly like the freqout… but a simmilar vibe.


Goof Idea.
I saw that the freqout as a option to change the pitch to the third, fifth or octave.
I have made a attempt with 2 pitch, one at the third and the other at the octave and it’s much more realistic. I’ll try to put a fuzz after the pitch effect to ad some sustain.