Freq out

Is there any chance one day to see a digitech freqout pedal cover on the Mod Dwarf or Mod duo X?
I love this pedal, I’m gonna buy it but it would be fun to have it in our beloved Mod device.
I want to try to build one in mod as I already tried to make a ricochette.
It don’t seem difficult but it would be better if it existed in a unique form for Mod devices.


I find the freqout also very interesting.

I did not find any effect for mod - not even an lv2 plugin in the internet… I guess it is very hard to replicate the exact plugin, they probably put a lot off effort into tuning it.

Maybe try to implement something simillar with a harmonizer and distortion to create the overtones and some sort of envelope to blend in and out…


Yes that’s what I’m going to try.


Hey guys.
Here’s a attempt to freqout.
I say attempt because it’s a little missed but it’s still interesting. You can play with the transpose pitch to get different results.
For example the transposition to the fifth is more interesting than the octave I find


Hey that sounds nice! I made some attempts with the default pedlboard GTFX:Pitchwave. I seemed like a good starting point. I added an extra distortion to the shifted voice… not exactly like the freqout… but a simmilar vibe.


Goof Idea.
I saw that the freqout as a option to change the pitch to the third, fifth or octave.
I have made a attempt with 2 pitch, one at the third and the other at the octave and it’s much more realistic. I’ll try to put a fuzz after the pitch effect to ad some sustain.



this one is quite unique - gives you sorta Feedback
(well, there’s a comparison of similar
stuff out there on YT, but still this is the untouched king)

FrequOut - how it sounds

… would be awesome to have that on MOD

Yes this would be great. See also Freq out

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oh man, really??
sorry guys - I was posting from my smartphone
obviously I wasn’t able to lurk on the ‘already posted’ ones
my fault :pensive:

[mod/dreamer: I’ve moved your posts to the existing topic. freq out!]


I couldn’t achieve to have the same sound, it’s difficult to obtain, so finally I bought it. End of the story.
This pedal sound awesome. It would be really great to have it in mod audio.


Something like this would definitely be interesting to have. Although I have no idea what kind of DSP algorithms are required to achieve this. (which is exactly the hard part of creating such a plugin :wink: )


Definitely interesting. To me it sounds like a combination of pitchshift with dynamics.
If a signal goes above a certain threshold an expanded (expander compressor) signal goes through a pitchshifter. But then when a signal goes below a certain threshold it should deactivate the effect. Like a noise gate.

Maybe something like this is going on in this effect internally. Tweaking the dynamics processing would then be the hard part. Especially on the mod, where you can expect different input levels. But this could be fixed with a settable threshold. Although that would make it less plug and play.

if you are really interested I can recommend Tony Mckenzie video (that a very in-depth in general)

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No need for the video, I’ve bought one. It’s a very amazing pedal and I think quite difficult to obtain with a mod dwarf without a specific plugin.