Founders Edition vs standard

Is the Mod Dwarf Founder’s Edition just a cosmetic change compared to the standard version or are there any other nuances between them?

Wasn’t sure if there are any slight hardware changes etc.

As far as I know, the founders is a cosmetic change only.

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Ace cheers! Thought that was the case but wasn’t 100%, there might be one available 2nd hand and wanted to double check there weren’t going to be any surprises around support or difficulty updating etc.


it is indeed just the casing being different.


Amazing, thank you all :raised_hands:


Took the plunge, probably will arrive at the weekend or early next week.

Feel bad for going 2nd hand rather than injecting more money into the business but I really couldn’t afford to go new. I’ll try and put some little video demos together and evangelise it a little though so I don’t feel too bad!

  1. Someone else who would have bought the second hand one will now have to buy a new unit. So the money will be injected anyway.

  2. If we want the business to expand, it’s good, in order to attract new users, to have an healthy second hand market so that buyers are confident that they will be able to sale their unit in the future if they want to upgrade or don’t like the product.


Aye that’s definitely true!

Really looking forward to having a play. I also have an old midi controller that would be fun to experiment too.

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You’re going to love it !