Formant control plugin for beefier bass tones

I am looking for recommendations for plugins for formant filter control with the purpose of beefing up instrument sounds like brass instruments (trombone, tuba) in the low / bass frequency domain.

The idea is explained in Seb Skelly’s video: He actually uses LogicPro/GarageBand plugin, “Vocal Transformer” which is a pitch shifter and a formant controller. So actually, I am looking for the same functionality. If there is no such plugin available, can someone recommend somebody who can develop such a plugin?


Formant filter controls are basically a particular class of equalizers. I guess, with informed knowledge, you could get good results with a good parametric equalizer.

This article gives useful information

Now I suppose what you want is a simple control that saves the user for knowing about these things and as easy to use as the Logic Pro one described in the video. That would be indeed very useful, especially for guitar.

EDIT : what I would like a lot is a plugin with a control allowing to select formants by specifying a particular vowel. Like a U if you want something like the typical strat sound that you hear on some SRV recordings or on some versions of the Watermelon in Easter Hay’s distorted solo part.