For Sale Mod Duo X

I’m selling my Mod Duo X. Played around with it and loved it but not enough time to tinker with it.
Working perfectly and haven’t seen too much use.

Comes with original case and bluetooth dongle (and my patches). Would prefer buyer in EU.

Asking €600

Last chance to grab this on ebay

It says that it’s sold.

Yup. Posted when there was time left to bid. But now sold. Thank you.

The guy who made the highest bid did not pay, so I relisted on eBay now. Make sure you are serious when you bid. Thank you.

Please visit and make your bids here:

Last chances sometimes are actually second to last and real last chances come a little later.
This is the case now.

My Mod Duo X auction will end this weekend. I promise I’ll ship it really fast.

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Selling mine on ebay

I’m selling everything to get a piano, UK

i reduced the price

I’m suprised nobody has snatched this up! :thinking:

It sold! Fairwell Mod, will mis you :sob:

Hello, (can’t find how to post a new topic … :frowning: )

I’m selling (only in France) my MOD Dwarf as I’ve no use for it finally.

Search in Leboncoin.



That’s too bad you don’t have any use for it :o
Hope you can make someone else happy with one of these first Dwarf units!

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Is it a beta unit ?
What are these lines on the screen ? Or may be a reflect on the picture ?

I’m sad to learn that you didn’t find any use for your beta MOD Dwarf :frowning:
Anyway, I raised your trust levels on the forum, so now you must be able to create a post/thread. Let me know if you can’t.