Footswitches not working correctly on MOD Dwarf

I just received my beta unit today. (Serial no MDW01D01-005889, OS version v1.10.0.2189)

The footswitches are not working as I would expect, nor are they working the same as they do in your demonstration video on your YouTube channel (“MOD Dwarf at a Glance” 14th May)

If I press buttons B & C simultaneously to enter navigation mode, the list of pedalboards appears but I cannot scroll up and down with the B & C buttons.

If I press the UP switch (B) – nothing happens, the screen blinks but stays on the list of pedalboards. If I press the DOWN switch (C) it puts me in control mode. In your demo video switch C should take me to the snapshots page.

In control mode, if I press the A switch (which should take me to the 2nd page of settings) it takes me to the tuner screen.

When on the tuner screen, switch B is labelled MUTE and switch C is labelled ‘INPUT 1’
If I press switch B (MUTE), the screen blinks and nothing happens. When I press the switch C (INPUT 1) it takes me to the list of pedalboards.

I have a video that demonstrates the issue, but can’t seem to attach it to this post.

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I just raised your trust levels on the forum, so you will probably be able to share the video. It will help us a lot understanding the problem.
In the meantime I will ping the dev team to understand what can be happening on your device. Most certainly it is a software bug.

Hello Jon - I can’t seem to upload a video file (it’s only allowing me to upload certain picture formats). I’ve put the video on my OneDrive, hopefully you’ll be able to access it here:
MOD Dwarf Footswitch Issue

We checked what could be happening and most certainly your footswitch got broken during shipping and we will need to replace it. I will DM you with more info