Footswitch firmware upgrade

Hi everybody,
Today I have been invited to upgrade the footswitch firmware
It could be nice to specify on which USB we have to connect the footswich (the Mod duo not the computer).
The message is ambiguous by lack of precision
It took me 5 min to understand what was going wrong

For reference, this is the text that appears.

Your Control Chain device firmware is ready to be updated.
To begin, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the device from the Control Chain/Ethernet port
  • Hold down the first footswitch on the Control Chain device
  • While the first footswitch is down, connect the device to the MOD Duo via USB
  • Wait for the “update completed” message
  • Disconnect the device from the USB port
  • Connect it to the Control Chain/Ethernet port once again

Note: The update should only take a few seconds.

The people I asked about it seemed to understand to procedure at first, but everyone is different.
Do you have suggestions on what to change?

Hum… Maybe should I buy new glasses ?

Okay - I found the USB port on the footswitch extender and connected it the MOD Duo via it’s USB-A port. I’m not getting the ‘update completed’ message, though. Am I not holding down button #1 on the footswitch extender long enough?

The footswitch extender firmware is ver. 0.2.2

You are good. You have the last firmware version now.