Foot pedal switching channel / cc outs


I would like to either page through the foot controller buttons so that I can have 6 CC outs (to control expert sleepers FH-2) module

Or be able to step through a list with one button so I can have same cc number out and change the midi channel, but limit the list length to 0-6 instead of always default 0-16. Also stepping up and down the list would be great too!

Both with visual feedback so I know where I am on the display (with custom display names or list name items)

I heard both are coming but it’s quite essential for my rig set up RN


Not sure if I totally got your request (yet saved it on our request list), but have you check the advance settings of the mappings and the CV plugins? Maybe on both features, you will find some sort of workaround.
On the CV plugins, take a look at this tutorial.


Cv won’t work because I need 6 cc messages out, the only workaround I could see was to map one button on the foot controller change a list on the Midi Channel plugin, but since it can only scroll through and the range cannot be changed it’s 16 channels - what I need to do is set for example same cc but on 6 midi channels out.

I need clean on offs not cc values

Either that or just simply pages on the foot controller, which I assumed would’ve been an option

Hope that makes sense


Basically you want something that works like the MIDI channel plugin, but allows you so set the maximum value. Right?


No, I want either to be able to change page on the foot controller, so then I can assign 6 CC outs all on the same channel and have one button scroll to next page.

Or the workaround I see is to have one button on the foot controller scroll through the midi channel list on midi channel plug-in but limit the value range of that midi channel list to 1-2 (instead of current 1-16) then I have 3 cc’s out on one channel and 3 on another by using 6 Mindis, which I can assign on the target device