Foot/finger piano - problem with generating sound


I have a problem with a pedalboard below - single click generates a chord, the problem is that it works only once per click, it is not possible to play this same chord twice, so after clicking one mindi to make a chord it is not possible to get any sound by second click (by click I mean turn on).

I didn’t load the pedalboard so I don’t know how you “assign the 4 mindis to 4 footswitches”. Is it the on/off swtich or the value ?
I think a solution could be switching temporally the value from 0 to 127, so when you release the switch it goes back to 0 and you can again switch again as you wish…
Does it works ?

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I set note on. I will try your solution later this day.

Not sure if I got your requirements right, but most close to “midi keyboard” behavior that I could get from mindi would require two things:

  1. Enabling Momentary On mode for mindi’s device button assignment
  2. Enabling Auto Note-off:

Sorry in advance for my paint mad skillz.


Yes, I did it like this. It works - single notes. If I would turn on midi chord then it works only once. I ve tried it today with midi legato and today it works quite good.

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