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This plugin contains the 'Synth Pads' section of the Fluid GM soundfont. The Fluid GM soundfont was constructed in part from edited/cleaned/remixed/programmed samples found in the public domain and recordings made by Frank Wen.

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Hi @falkTX,

I’ve noticed that this plugin causes the CPU usage to sway quite a bit… In a current pedalboard the CPU usage sways from 30% all the way to 100%… Causes glitching/digital clipping sound.

Is there a way so that it doesn’t sway so much? 70% change in CPU usage makes it almost unusable… But when it’s working it sounds really nice and I really want to use it…

I will try and post my pedalboard.


Here is the pedalboard. https://pedalboards.moddevices.com/pedalboards/57e8837afca7d905dacbbe55
I recorded a sample and you can hear the clipping.