Fishman TriplePlay (USB) into the Mod Duo, does it work?

Playing a Fishman TriplePlay
Thats a Wireless Hex guitar pickup Trasnmitting to -> reciever USB dongle -> in to Computer … or in a USB Host To MIDI Converter (like the Fishman FC-1 or a Kenton USB Midi Host -> midi out -> Synth Modules)

My Question is:

Can the Mod Dou replace The Fishman FC-1, as a USB Host To MIDI Converter to drive sound modules
Are there Mod Dou Plugins that i can use with my Fishman TriplePlay Hex Pixkup, like Synth Plugins, etc…


Hi Rikkie.
We have a godin guitar with a fishman tripleplay that we use with the mod duo. The dongle can be connected to USB port A. A new midi port will show up in the web interface. You can use this with any plugin that has a MIDI input. You can also connect the TriplePlay midi port to the hardware midi out and connect it to external devices.

I hope this answers your questions.


Hi Jarno,

Thanks, helping a lot already, :wink:
I did not bought a FC-1 or another USB Host To MIDI Converter yet
I don’ t have a Mod Duo also, because today is the first time a heard of the Mod Duo, :wink:

I was going to order the FC- today, but it’s better to invest a little more, and order the Mod Duo
That’s also what I’m going to do

So the Mod Duo is totally new for me.
Can you tell me if there are plugins with midi in the Mod Duo

Or better, can i download, or see the software editor of the Mod Duo
I cannot find a Manual, or anything.
I now it’s open source, but where can i see all the plugins that are already available for the Mod Dou


All plugins can be viewed here: MOD plugins
If you search for midi and generator you will find all midi and generator plugins currently available.

We do not have a software editor. You access the MOD UI through a webbrowser either with the IP address of the mod or modduo.local. All the computing is done inside the DUO.

The best places to start is the mod devices website: MOD DUO
Or the mod wiki page: MOD wiki

Thanks Jarno

Glad to help!

I moved this topic to the Help/Questions catagory.

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