First jam video with MOD Dwarf - Ableton Looping

Hey Folks

I just wanted to share this little home studio jam I did today - which is pretty much my first video with the Dwarf - I’m running it direct into Ableton via my Apollo Twin and as you can hear it’s noiseless - apart from when I activate the second channel which is where I have the Shiro Verb etc - it’s simply down to needing to adjust the level of one of the plugins… I’m looping a couple of soft synths using the amazing MIDI Guitar plugin by Jam Origin which really does work incredibly well for playing synths via you guitar/bass without the need for a MIDI pickup - I set three up in a synth rack in Live. The effects are triggered by Turnado (a great plugin by SugarBytes) and so the Dwarf is just looking after my bass signal - and doing a damn fine job of it. I’m using a Novation Launchpad X as a midi controller for the Dwarf - as i can map both macros and switch things on and off very quickly… the board is still a bit work in progress but I hope you enjoy some of this


Great job and mad playing! :smiley: (Great tone on that bass also.)

Keep these vids coming!!

One question: do you have the Dwarf midi-connected to the laptop? What I am getting at is if Ableton Live will recognize a midi controller (Launchpad) that is connected to another device as well. I am wondering if a foot controller can be connected to the MOD and also be mapped to transport functions in Ableton Live. (I believe the MIDI out port replicates the MIDI in, if I’m not mistaken.)


Thanks man - much appreciated - answer to your question is no I don’t - but I did have it set up like that with my Softstep 2 running midi via my Focusrite Clarett so was using the Softstep Advanced Editor to send midi to Ableton and my MOD DUO - in the editor I had to set the midi to go out via the Clarett on one channel and to Softstep Share to Ableton. It did work but caused a few headaches to get it all working every time I booted it all up - so I’ve now ‘simplified’ things by just looping the bass and synths in Live via the Softstep and controlling the Dwarf via my Launchpad - at least that way everything works each time :sweat_smile::metal:t2:


It’s sounding super cool @MikeFlynnBass!
Please keep sharing it.
P.S.: publish it also in the Content Exchange topic :wink:

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Thanks Jon - I’ll post there too - I wasn’t sure the best place to post good stuff - will share future posts there :raised_hands:t2::+1:t2::pray:t2:


All good :wink:
The best place is if it reaches the great MOD community :wink:
There, it is just for organization purposes. Feel free to create a thread for each of your videos or whatever works for you :wink: