First Impressions on the Dwarf

Having had a couple of days to start immersing myself in my very recently received Dwarf, I have to say that my initial impressions can be summed up as follows: “Holy SMOKES, this looks crazy good!”

The idea that I can create almost any kind of pedalboard I want, from dead simple to crazy complex, via a very accessible and user-friendly GUI, and then quickly download that to a compact box I can take anywhere is just so good it’s nuts.

Before making the decision to purchase the Dwarf, I had looked closely at, and even demo’d, a few of the mainstream pedalboard products by those big-name brands (which shall remain nameless, LOL) but all of them left me feeling a little deflated because they didn’t seem to enable the kind of extreme customization and exploration that I finally found in the Dwarf. I did also look at the Zoia, which is obviously different from say a Line 6 Helix, but that product looked like it was lacking in visualization, to my tastes anyway.

I get it that not every single open-source plug-in will necessarily match an Eventide Harmonizer, but it seems to me that finding the ones that work for you would be part of the joy of discovery with this thing. Plus, to think that I have not only instrument effects but a compelling array of synths and generators to play around with as well - didn’t see any of THAT on the other pedalboards I tried!

Anyways, looking forward to diving deeper and deeper. I suspect it won’t be tool long at all before I’m posting my own pedalboards here. Well done, MOD team!

Cheers, Frank in Vancouver


Thank you so much for the nice words @Frank_Paul :slight_smile: We are really happy to have you “on-board” as well.
Hopefully soon we will be able to try out one of your pedalboards! Either to guitar or synths…or both :wink:

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Hey mate, I feel the exact same way.

The MOD team has come up with a phenomal interface to approach multi effects pedal chains.

I also had the Zoia and didn’t jive with the interface, the device itself was great, but an extreme drag to use.

I love the mod series devices, and the user experience will continue to improve over the coming weeks/months/years.

Glad you’re as tickled with it as I am.

Happy jamming!


Thanks for your note, Elk_wrath. Glad to virtually ‘meet’ you and I look forward to crossing paths with you further and hopefully lots of other members here over time, and getting the chance to compare notes (pardon the pun). I was most interested to hear that you had similar evaluation experiences looking at other devices as well. If the user experience for MOD gets even better than it is now over time (and I’m already impressed), I think this thing should really shake things up in audio processing land :smile: