First gig with MOD - with bassoon!

thanks to all the devs, and everybody in the MOD community for all the discussion along the way… very happy with my first show with the MOD Duo. so great to have this flexible and capable platform, which performed completely reliably.

i hung an MXR Smart Gate off the MOD output to kill the kernel buffering noise that we’ve been discussing in another thread – that’s a nice little box! :slight_smile:

cheers, all!

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Hi plutek,

Great to read that your MOD is meeting your stage requirements!

If you have any pics, sounds or videos I’d love to hear what your bassoon sounded like.

Cheers to you!

yeah, it was recorded… i’ll have something for y’all to hear eventually! :wink:

i’m super-bad about documenting things, so i didn’t get any photos! :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll try to gather more evidence as things progress with my MOD… there’s definitely more on the horizon!