File manager: improvement request + tech. support

Hello, recently messing around with new File manager support on an Mod Duo derivative, Aida DSP OS.
I think it would be a good idea to extend current

mod:fileTypes "sfz" ;

into instrument categories like

mod:fileTypes "sfz Pianos"  ;
mod:fileTypes "sfz Organs"  ;

and so on…need to work out how the gui will address this…but definitely a must have to be able to search rapidly into a soundfont library colletion.

While messing around with the File manager I’m having troubles in debugging it since it seems it’s not
effective in my current software config. In detail, I have browsepy up and running and when I select a file for cabsim-IR-loader.lv2 I see

DEBUG:root:[host] popped from queue: patch_set 1 "/mnt/data/user-files/Speaker Cabinets IRs/Fender68VibroluxReverb/Fender_68-Vibr"
DEBUG:root:[host] sending -> patch_set 1 "/mnt/data/user-files/Speaker Cabinets IRs/Fender68VibroluxReverb/Fender_68-Vibrolux_AT4"

so it seems the mod-ui + mod-host is doing its job, but on the plugin side I’ve put some prints in the
load_ir method and I never see the file is loaded by the plugin, seems like the plugin is not receiving
atom messages correctly.

Any clue?

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