Feedback for MIDI Controls

When playing with setBFree it would be very handy if there was some feedback for the controls.

  1. Overview of the controls that the plugin offers in the description of the plugin
  2. Display of currently used control on the mod duo itself

Maybe there are other plugins that would benefit of that feature.

I’m wondering right now why the controls are not exposed as normal controls. Is there any reason for that?

There are many reasons why the controls are not exposed:

First and foremost there are too many of them (close to a million), secondly loading midi-programs sets internal state, so the plugin modifies its state. Hence they cannot be standard control-ports: If you could set the controls using a GUI and set the controls using midi-CC or midi-programs there’ll be a conflict. You can’t have both.

setBfree does send feedback (outgoing midi) about the current state. e.g If you load a program, motorized drawbars do follow.

The “desktop” interface of setBfree is quite elaborate (midi bindings, config dialog, program and preset managament). So far nobody volunteered to expose this complexity in a HTML GUI (and I don’t think it’s currently even possible with the MOD to send messages to/from the GUI).

additionnal question
can a midi foot controller with pedal can be used for whammy for exemple ?