Feature Request: Turnodo's dynamic signal flow mode

I’ve recently started using duo x for electronic music, and it’s actually a perfect hardware incarnation of Turnado effect. If you don’t know what it is, Turnado is a virtual effect, which is capable of applying 8 effects at the same time and control the level of each effect with the separate knob.

I’m trying to use duo x as a substitute for it, but there’ one feature missing - dynamic signal flow. Basically, effects can be routed in 2 ways in it:

  1. in chain, one by one, as in regular pedal board
  2. dynamically - when this mode is on, each effect follows the previously activated effect, which makes it great to build different combinations of effects, especially when playing live.

Maybe I’m missing something and there’s a way to recreate this behavior? If not, I believe people who use duo x for electronic music will find it very useful.

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Hello Smoothie,

I just checked outTurnodo. The dynamic signal flow mode sounds indeed as an interesting and creative way to apply effects. I would be interested in this, as well. I’m pretty new to the mod duo x, so I’m not sure what my brainstorming is worth. I’ll have a go anyways…

It might be possible to set up an enormous web and connect all effects with each other. Each connection would pass through a volume control or 4-way switch. You would then need to set up CV meta controls (and possibly meta-meta controls) that mute and un-mute a lot of connections at the same time without feedbacking into each other. The goal would have to be to control this with as few buttons and knobs as possible.

I’m not sure whether that would be possible with 8 effects. Maybe limiting the amount of variations would help. No matter what, it sure would look terribly messy in the layout. But it might sound fantastic…


I’m not 100% sure if I understood well your request. And to be honest, don’t know about Turnado.

Anyway, from what I understood about “dynamic signal flow” (and as @Clemens mention). Maybe it’s worth exploring the CV plugins. You can actually use them not just with external CV inputs or outputs but as an “internal CV”.

Let me know if that is what you are searching for or if somehow I misunderstood your request.

Well, basically it’s dynamic change of effects order, based on order in which you trigger them. For example, if you use decimator first and then reverb you will get decimated signal with echo, if you trigger reverb first and then use decimator, you will downsample echoed sound. Here’s the demo of how it works on iOS:

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Ok. This looks exactly what you can do with the CV objects.
Thanks also for sharing about Turnodo :slight_smile:

Can you please give example how to build something like this? For me CV is a part of modular synthesizers, not sure how to use them with effects =)

I guess so:
Enable the CV port you want to use
Setting up Macro-Controls using CV

I guess our wiki tutorials that @khz shared (thanks for the help @khz :slight_smile: ) are the best place to start.
You will not even need to connect any virtual cables on the MOD WebGui.
Check the examples on this one

But how will it rearrange the order of the effects?

As a really quick thought if you use them somehow controlling Switchbox pluigins