Feature question: persistent plugin parameter mappings

Hey Mod Family,

I was wondering if a feature might exist already (I’m terrible about reading manuals) within the mod platform.

I am seeking pointers on how to set templates for certain plug ins. I’d like to be able to just auto load a preset that has my parameter mapping whenever I drop a regularly utilized plug-in.

After writing this thought down, I seem to remember being able to presets on the pedals so I can load them, but was wondering if there was a feature that allowed me to auto load a particular parameter mapping preset when I drop the pedal into the chain?

My biggest frustration is largely centered around mapping the controls to the device.

Tusen Takk, and may Tyr’s good hand guide you.



If I get well your question, you can do it by saving presets on the plugin and re-arrange them to be the default one when you load the plugin.
You can’t really re-arrange them on the list (maybe @falkTX can give you more info on this), but you can save it according to the order that you need them.

When you take the screen shot for the pedal board and save it, it does indeed save the parameter mappings.

What you are suggesting is to save a mapping template as a preset, and then have that be the priority on loading the pedal?

I’ll try it out today since I already have a board up and running

Yes. But on the plugin (don’t mistake with pedalboard snapshots)


I indeed saved the pedal preset and not the overall board.

It saves the mapping to the user generated preset, and from what I can see it does exactly what I want.

Hopefully we get the option to assign a preset to auto load on inserting the plug-in down the road!

Either way this solution is still way quicker than what I was doing before haha

Thanks for the tip!

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You’re welcome :wink:

Saved on the request so we keep close attention.

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You are a champion João!

Thanks so much!

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haha thanks

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Hey @jon!

So unfortunately I was mistaken with this preset issue.

Unfortunately the parameter mappings are not saved as a preset, only the parameter settings are saved.

When the board is saved all mappings are saved, but the individual plugins still need to be manually assigned to the device each time.

Am I doing something wrong?

no, what you wrote is pretty accurate on how things work right now.

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Thanks @falkTX!

Glad to know it’s not user error haha

Ups sorry! I guess I misunderstood your question before.

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Hey Elk,

I was just watching your latest video so I think I got a good understanding of what you were asking for.
We are working on something which is only partially specified currently but I think it will be the answer to this problem.

Basically we would have something like a standard container which has one or more plugins inside. The container itself would have controller mappings stored to it so then when you drop the container onto the board it would automatically connect to a page of mappings on the device.

So you could have a container for one shiro verb with the assignments you usually use that you could drop onto the board multiple times.

On top of that you could have multiple shiro verbs in one container with assignments. These containers could then be used in other pedalboards and even shared like pedalboards

As I said, it’s still being specified so it will be some time until it’s available but I think you will really find it useful when it’s ready


Hey James!

Thanks for watching that video, I was probably a bit more clear explaining my desires in regards to the parameter mapping on the dwarf than I have been previously.

It sounds like that is gonna speed up creating my pedal boards exponentially!

At one point I was considering requesting a “duplicate pedal” button so I could program just one pedal and then clone it with all parameters and pedal mappings completely.

It sounds like your solution will be more elegant for the overall platform!

Can’t wait to see what you guys drop on the next big firmware version!


No worries at all João, sometimes my explanations of a solution are more difficult than the actual problem lol


well man…I can’t blame you on that. I have the same “gift”. No worries :slight_smile: