Feature idea: Soundcheck tool

Hi all :slight_smile:

Would it be useful to add a “soundcheck” utility to the tools mode?

I imagine it to basically work as a simple looper: You record some audio, the tool loops this indefinitely while you go through your pedalboards / plugins / settings / microphone placements etc. hands free - until the sound guy finally tells you to just turn your freaking amp down. :smiley:

I know there are looper plugins, so anyone could implement this theirselves on a per-board level. But this would be board-independant and perhaps a nice addition to the tools mode.

Any thoughts?

I think the easier way for that is to use the AudioPlayer.

Make a pedalboard, call it soundcheck, record riffs before hand or use the RECORDER plugin to do it on the spot, hit play and go at it.


Hmm, but wouldn’t this approach require the Recorder and Audio Player plugins to be installed in every pedalboard you’d like to check?

Not sure to understand… I think it would require only 1 pedalbaord with the audio player that sends samples you’ve recorded with all the pedalbaords you want to test. Am I right ?

yes, the approach @spunktsch describes would require the presence of the audio player and recorder on every pedalboard.

I think I get where you’re going with what you describe, but I’m not sure it would be as useful as one might hope because each pedalboard can have drastically different levels. So, if you changed pedalboards during the performance, you might change the mix. In fact, I usually put a gain control as the last plugin on all my pedalboard outputs and assign it to a knob for this very reason.


You’re right, I implied the pedalboards being used (during this one gig for instance) have a somewhat similar level, like you achieve with the gain control. I see that this limits the use of this feature idea.

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Ah, I think I’ve communicated ambiguously. I’m not talking about looping fully processed audio (e.g. what comes out the end of a pedalboard).

I meant the other way round: Loop the pure, clean input signal so I can adjust parameters like gain, eq, reverb etc. in my pedalboard(s) until the sound guy is happy. I’m basically removing the need to play the same riff all over again for soundchecking.^^