Favorite Reverb Plugins? (non-convolution/IR)

Hi everyone, I’m wondering what people’s favorite reverbs are! I just stick Shiroverb on everything with some plate reverb here and there but have recently started using Galactic a lot… but my “Reverb” section is full of others that I never touch! (I suppose I could ask this about nearly every plugin category, I definitely wonder about fuzz and wah as well…)


It seems like Shiroverb is to the MOD as Plateau is to VCV Rack/Cardinal - the one verb you really can’t go wrong with.

That being said, I rather enjoy the TAL Reverb II, and stacking that with a Gxshimmizita is a lot of fun.

And once I get Cardinal figured out and running on my MDX, I plan to also abuse Plateau and Clouds.


Galactic is AMAZING, for sure. I love the Shiroverb - worth 5 times what it costs in the store. The Calf reverb is a really good for just ‘normal’ reverb rather than big ambience. The Freaktail is really fun for characterful weirdness and I’m currently also using the Tal Reverb and the MaGigaverb as part of a big complex ambience chain.

I seem to remember really liking Roomy, but I haven’t used it in a quite a while…


ooooh… didn’t know about that one.
parameter named “bigness”. yes!

…another beta plugin to litter around my boards… lol

thanks, @solobasssteve !

p.s. i’ve been using the dragonfly hall quite a bit lately, for straight-up big room sounds with woodwinds.


I am petty new to this but I use both the Shiroverb for “shimmery” reverb and Roomy for “normal” reverb sounds. I have started playing with Galactic but need some more time with it.


Who does not love the Shiroverb? :slight_smile:

I think all the Dragonfly reverbs are also really great.

For something really simple (and CPU friendly), I normally used to go for Roomy which “simply works”. Lately I have been choosing the FOMP Reverb instead (which is actually the codebase for Roomy) due to the extra adjustments it offers.

Another quick and cheap option is the C Plate, which is simple and good too.


I love the fact the mod devices have a reverb (or chain) that is on par/better than any reverb pedal you can buy. My favourite reverb setup at the moment is a dry thru, with parallel chain of full wet bollieXT delays feeding a grain silo and dragonfly (some dry blend here also), with a calf phaser on the end.
Clarity plus epic-ness!! - inspired by a meris Polymoon / infinite jets hologram but with so much more control. Dwarf = best reverb purchase ever.


All convolution are awesome :smiley:


agreed! I love spring reverb, and the convolutions get me where I want to go.


I love the fact the mod devices have a reverb (or chain) that is on par/better than any reverb pedal you can buy

Not 100% sure I would agree with this statement from @Jarrydactyl considering the stuff out there from Universal Audio and Empress, but I would say that this does allow for some incredibly complex layering of reverbs that can be very inspiring.

And also sound killer running into one of those UA Golden Reverberators.

The “C Plate” it has been my first choice lately because it is good, very straightforward and does not tax too much the CPU.
On the other hand the Shiroverb MKII and Dragonfly reverbs are richier and if the PB complexity allows I tend to use one of them.

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Rakarrak reverb is my go-to subtle guitar reverb! Very low CPU usage and sounds pretty alright!