Factory Reset and Defaults

I’m curious about the DANGEROUS system setting for reset.
I’m noticing that the documentation isn’t very good about what implications this will have, so I just want to clarify.

Does the reset everything option factory reset the Dwarf, including the purchased plugins? What I want is for my device to be in the same state as when I opened the box, and I’d like the settings on the inputs to have some default values so that as we start tweaking the device we have some idea where ‘home’ is.

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You can reset some device settings there, but that section is most for mass deletion of plugins and pedalboards, as we didnt have a nice way to do it before.
Your plugin licenses are never “deleted”, as soon as you install a plugin you have a license for, its license will be activated.

For factory-reset of all the data, use these special update images Factory Reset Images - MOD Wiki


@falkTX the Dwarf link on the Factory Reset Images page doesn’t work


Indeed, thanks for noticing.
Now fixed