Expression pedal calibration

Hi everybody.
I’m using a expression pedal with Mod Duo X to control step value in Super Whammy plugin.
On the CV meter plugin my expression pedal have a range from 0 to 10, that’s good I think.
But with Super Whammy plugin step parameter is already to its maximum when the expression pedal is at 6, so the amplitude for Super Whammy is only from 0 to 6!
I have same problem with other plugin like GX crybaby Wah.
Is there a way to have more range with plugin or to calibrate the expression pedal on the range from 0 to 6?

That might actually be a bug…

If you connect the cv meter to CV input 1 our input 2, the range is 0-10 yes.
But connecting to the last port (reserved for exp.pedal used, so it is always exp.pedal no matter if tip/ring mode) the range should be 0-5.

So something is not working as intended. The plugins map to an actuator that should have 0-5 range, but somehow ends up with 0-10. At least that would be my explanation to this.

Can you confirm? If you connect cv-meter to the last CV input on the pedalboard, what range does it have?

If I connect the CV Meter to the exp pedal input the range is 0 to 10.