Expression pedal Adapter (Mod Dwarf)

I ordered the ModDwarf and am waiting to receive it.
Is it possible to connect my expression pedal to ModDwarf with this Beat Bars EX2M adapter?

Thank you in advance for your answers.
[Expression MIDI | Contrôleur de pédale MIDI | Pédale de guitare MIDI]

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I dont see a mention that it is USB class compliant, but using MIDI and USB together usually is.

If you do end up getting one, I can recommend to setup the pedal so it sends pitchbend messages instead of MIDI CC.
The MOD host supports pitchbend as MIDI learn target, which gives higher precision values compared to MIDI CC.

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FYI I do this using the MIDIBaby with my Mod Duo and it works perfectly!


falkTX, thanks for your reply.
I will try to find out more precisely about the USB class mention concerning Beat Bars EX2M.

bleo, thank you for your answer too, I’ll go look on the Midi Baby site.


Found anything cheaper?

If you are a bit more “techy” you can follow this tutorial on our blog to get an adapter


Looks like the link to purchase an Arduino Shield is broken currently. Maybe something not urgent but important to add to the backlog :smiley:

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Thanks for reporting. We are currently re-working the website and also out of stock for the Arduino shield. That should be solved rather soon.


Any news on the shield? I’d love to make some expression toys for my Dwarf :slight_smile:


I believe that is not yet in place on the shop on the website, but we have a few.
If you want to order one, please DM me and I will create you an order directly on the site.

Regarding the Beat Bars EX2M adapter, I sent an email to ask them if it could work with the Dwarf.
Here is their response:
<< Yes, all our devices are USB-MIDI class-compliant.
The ModDwarf has a USB host port (A), so it is compatible with the adapter. >>

I can’t immediately but as soon as possible I’ll buy it to try it out.
I’ll keep you posted here!


Hi Jon,

I would be very interested in a shield too!

best regards,
proud owner of a spanking new Dwarf

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Regarding the Beat Bars EX2M adapter, are there any real experiences with this device by now?

Hi, I’m new here, got a Mod Dwarf recently and this is my first post.
I just got a Beats and Bars E&F2M adaptor (like the EX2M but with additional footswitch input) and can happily say yes, it worked, straight out of the box. I connected an expression pedal (Boss EV30) to it and into the Mod Dwarf using the USB cable supplied with the E&F2M and could immediately map the output as a MIDI controller. Mapping is smooth and responsive. Have yet to try footswitch which is on order.
By the way, as this came up before, Beats and Bars do say that their devices are USB class compliant, but it’s buried a little in the small print.
It happens to be smaller than I imagined from looking at the picture, very convenient size. I ordered it on Amazon and it arrived in the UK (from Poland) in 2 days - a day earlier than the earliest predicted delivery date. So, very happy with it (have only just got it though - will report back if any issues).


Please DM me and I can create you a direct order on the website (hopefully soon we have the shop with it in place)

Found the Arduino Shield hidden in the shop by navigating through “next/previous product”: Arduino Shield – MOD Devices website


Hi LarryW
I’m trying to do exactly the same as a recording guitarist and have the same expression pedal and EX2m just need to figure this out for Wah, Volume, Delay, Decay controls etc