Expanding the use of the Dwarf: Roland GO: Piano

Hi guys,

I just ordered a Roland GO:PIANO which I will also be using as midi controller for the Dwarf.

That will expand my use of the Dwarf to

  • electric guitar
  • acoustic guitar
  • vocals
  • digital piano (for effects) or as midi controller (hope that works)
  • drum programming with keyboard.

That model also features MIDI over Bluetooth.
Are there existing use-cases of such a setup with a BT dongle or osmething that don’t require a lot of tinkering skills? Otherwise it will be plain old midi over USB.


Love it!
Please please you will need to share with us an in deep tutorial also with a video when you have your setup “finished” :grinning:


Yep, the CME WIDI Jack works well and is powered by the Dwarf, you just have to plug it and the dwarf can send and listening to the midi you’ll send.


That looks cool! gonna check our where I can get this but first things first, I need to get it connected and working with regular usb MIDI first :smiley:


I am not entirely sure and I dont want to disapoint you but there is nowere in the Roland Go manual that states USB can carry MIDI for this keyboard.

A few years back, I tried to have a friend’s GO keyboard connect to my computer for using sounds in Apple MainStage and the computer never was able to see a MIDI controller.

It seems that only Bluetooth will work for MIDI on this keyboard. So you may be lucky with the CME Widi but, then again, the GO keyboard was designed to work with Apple IOS devices so you will not know until you try unfortunately.

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I noticed that too but other sources stated it could.
A bit confusing indeed.
If you didn’t manage, I fear I won’t either :smiley:
Ah well , let’s find out.

I use the Roland GO:KEYS with my dwarf and it works quite well. I mainly use its “normal” audio output, but it also works with Midi while its connected via usb. I never tried it with Bluetooth. I once had a pedalboard where played a synth (I think it was the Tal Noise Maker) via Midi simoutaneously to the audio signal. But basically all generator plugins work (FluidDrums, etc.)… like any other midi controller.

A negative thing that I discovered was, that the internal Clock of the GO:KEYS (in the settings named as “TEMPO”) interferes with the dwarf internal clock. That means, that the piano-tempo (bpm) sum up to the clock of the dwarf. Unfortunately the Tempo range from the GO:KEYS ranges from 5-150, so you cannot set “0”. This is quite annoying, especially when I set a master clock in ableton and then min. 5bpm are always added… perhaps someone here has an idea to resolve this? I’m not a midi-expert so I cannot even say how the clock is transported…


2nd cable I tried and I get it working on the Dwarf; Whoop!
now the quest for a good (real) piano sound in the Dwarf

My first recording:

I’m pleased with the result of 45 minutes of learning piano EVER!

I’m a guitarst and I applied my knowledge of major chords and my ear.
Left hand doing some chords and right hand aiming for a melody.
In the key of C of course :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the Roland Go:Piano into the piano plugin, a bit of reverb and record.
Afterwards some compression in Reaper to bring up levels.

test rig: