Exp pedal multiplier

It’s been a while that i tried to use a midi expression pedal to control several parameter once at time.
Since i worked several hours to reach this purpose I decided to share it with the community, hopefully the newers one as me could save some time, and veterans could give some advice to make it easier.
Starting from the more obvious Control to CV and CV switchbox i had the problem that when change channel the value go to zero, so:

-CV range divider: it can excludde zero and has the great function “sample and hold”.

Solved this, when change channel the value of the second parameter is affected from the pedal as setted for the previous parameter so:

  • Coupling the “logic operator” to a “slewrate limiter” we can trigger a gate only when the pedal is moving, so no change occours changing channel.
    -the switchpoint of logic operator is adressed to the “control to CV” (in biplar mode)
  • “CV round” simply make it more effective.

I share privately a pair of pedalboard ( to avoid to pollute (as I did previously :sweat_smile:) the official page with bad sound)
The first one is made to control volume of looperlative track , 1 ,2 and total loop.
The second one ,as example control 3 harmless to make some subtractive rhythm.

Hope to be usefull to someone.


for those who haven’t an Exp pedal they could use a slew rate limiter for similar result


This is a cool solution! And I feel that you are one of the guys that really understand what CV is good for. Many thanks for sharing!


Actually it was a very empirical procedure and need some improvement… But I think that the better part of the mod devices could be resume as this:
(And i find It very stimulating and funny!)


Thank you for sharing your solutions, good stuff!

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Thank you a lot for this post @CarloDossi!
I think this is one of the best examples of the essence of this community and what makes it so cool.

You say it all in these two lines…

Sharing knowledge and being open to feedback, I guess there’s no better than this :slight_smile:

You may be a “newer one”, but you already get the essence of this community :wink:


Here another kind of approach:

I tried to replicate the “activate effect” of a real “Cry baby”, so you can on/off your wah (or what you want) by holding the exp pedal to max position for about a second.
Since we have also a minimum position why don’t use it? So you can on/off another effect by in minimum position ( in this case activate the drop line).
I think it is usefull in order to have the looperlative’s controls on dwarf while you can add effects and modulate using the exp pedal during looping.
I spend some words to explain the concept ( so i will remember how i did that :sweat_smile:)

  • Control to CV “EXP” is controlled by exp pedal
  • Slew limiter create a time gap to pass in the “on/off” zone without activate anything, act on theese to set the “hold” time that would trigger the efffect.
  • Logic operator define the swichpoint
  • Cv attenuator Boster send a reverse signal of the exp pedal. In this pedalboard i didn’t use it, but i think it could be useful ( if you activate es a delay to max position and adress the wet to the pedal is better that the zero is at the top)

    This part is used to take the momentary signal of Logic operator and toggle.
    Probably MIDI note toggle is redundant and usless,i’m not shure about that.

As before I hope to be usefull to someone


I mixed the two approaches and the result is:

You can toggle 6 parameter and modulate them with an exp pedal and a dwarf button.
It’s just to explore the dwarf’s possibilities.
You don’t need this, and if you see someone that use it then you had better hold your beloved and run away.
If that someone is you, well…

I’m really sorry Wendy