I wish plug-ins were required to have minimum explanations on their plug-in page. I have samples in the sample folder, Exampler doesn’t see them. Do I need to load them in a different folder? Do they need to be a specific format? Can I assign midi notes to samples? Does it only use one sample per instance? Does this plug-in work? Is it worth my time?

Did you reload the web gui or re-add the plugin after adding the samples?
We do not have a way to automatically refresh the list of files after a plugin is loaded, coming in a future update.

We have some information regarding files at File handling - MOD Wiki
The supported file formats are specified on that page. But usual ones like wav, flac, ogg should work fine.

For the Exampler plugin, as the description says, it will not change the pitch of the sample being played. If it is worth your time or not is hard to say, this is the most basic sample player ever, it only triggers a single sample on any note-on received.


Yup, I did get this working.
I had hoped it was a sample per midi note, but it’s a sample per instance.

that is further down the line.
first we will have samplv1 on the platform, then reuse the porting process to do drumkv1 which is what you expect - 1 sample per note.

alternatively setting up an sf2 or sfz file will allow to multi-sampling, though it requires some work to actually create these files first.


Awesome, I’m glad it’s in the works!

I didn’t buy the Mod Duo X to use for sample playback, but if it can do it, there will be another piece of gear I can leave at home for gigs where I only need a few samples here and there.