Evolution of the Mod Duo

I got back here after a while and I noticed that most of the software updates lately seem to address the Mod X only.

Plus the imminent launch of the Mod Dwarf will draw even more resources on that.

I’m afraid the Mod Duo risks being left behind.

There are still some areas in the Mod Duo that I think are woefully missing and I’d really need to seem addressed for my Duo to be completely functional, in particular the ability to select a preset by direct input, be it a CC signal or a patch change.

I’m really afraid the Duo will stagnate before getting really useful to me.

Hi @Tarrasque73.

Have a look ath this thread:


And then this thread:

Thanks, but I was no referring to any kind of hardware upgrade.

I’m more worried at the moment about the stagnation of software improvements on the duo.

The software updates are applied to all our products, so the changes in the UI apply to the Duo, the Duo X and now the Dwarf.

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One good example of that is the CV support.

Even though the Duo does not have CVs inputs and outputs, you can still use CV plugins internally for a number of purposes. For example, to set up macro controls. Check this out: https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/CV_Tutorial


You’re telling me that the Duo will receive the possibility to edit patches directly on the device and load IR files soon???

Wow that would be GREAT!!!

You should put it on the front page of the site!!! That’s wonderful news, really!!!

No. It will not. Please apologise me.

I meant the remote UI - the one you get when you connect to the PC - and the features it includes.

MIDI BPM, Actuator groups, etc are some examples.

Is that a no to both the on device patch editing and the ability to upload IRs?

the patch editing is surely a NO. That is a controller feature.

The IR uploading is still an open question.

Thanks for the quick response. Haha, the IR uploading is the main deciding factor on whether I want to stick with my Duo or upgrade to the Dwarf

Aw, that’s exactly what I was referring to when I say “software stagnation”.

Software on the device, not the remote UI.

I’m a live guitar player. Frankly, I care little about all the fancy stuff in the remote UI. what i really care about is the potential on stage and rehearsal.

In that regard, while the sound quality of the Duo is out of question, and the web ui is wonderfully versatile, in studio, the Duo is severely lacking in ease of use on stage.

You can’t edit patches. You can’t trim parameters unless you remebered to assign all of them to knobs when you created the patches, you basically have to carry a pc around everywhere.

That’s a big downer for a guitarist, and I hoped the development train for the Dwarf would be useful to backport some of the new features to the Duo.

Is at least the ability to random select a pedalboard preset via direct MIDI signal on the to do list or not?

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If I understood correctly, yes.

You can choose presets (we call them snapshots for the pedaloboards) via MIDI.

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From what I’m reading in the wiki, it seems that at the moment you can indeed assign snapshots to a midi controller, but they are treated as a list.

That means that you can “scroll” through the shapshots using a knob or similar, but what I need is “random” access.

For instance, if i have five snapshots/presets.

  • 01: verse
  • 02: bridge
  • 03: solo
  • 04: intro
  • 05: coda

I want to be able to access any one of them without scrolling back and forth through the list.

Basically the same way you can recall any pedalboard in a bank by issuing a midi signal on channel 16 and thus use a midi pedalboard for one click direct access.

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we have discussed this internally. We call it “trigger addressing” (instead of list, as it is today)

This will surely get into the roadmap and will surely be part of the original Duo too.


Great to hear that.

to be honest, by digging around in the forum and the wiki, it seems that even now it should be possible to dedicate a midi channel to shapshot switching in a pedalboard via program change, just as you do for pedalboard switching in a bank.

it’s a little buried and not complete in the docs, but the functionality seems to be there.

I still have to check it out and although it could surely be improved (I guess it works by indexing the preset list and that can’t be reordered for the moment) but it’s a start.


Yes, @falkTX can confirm, but I’m pretty sure it can be done.

We are even adding in 1.9 the information of the snapshot ID in the UI so it makes it easier for you to do this kind of assignment.


Yes, I just tested the functionality and it works as advertised. i was able to switch snapshots with just one press of the footswitchs of my midi pedalboard, after setting the correct midi channel.

This is nice. I have to say all of this is not so obvious by reading the docs. If you allow me, I’ll be glad to update the wiki to make this info more preminent.

Here are some issues I noticed.

  • if you assign shapshots to a knob, when you select a shapshot via midi the selection on the display is not updated. Of course, if you change snapshot using the knob the midi controller will not be updated, either, but this is to be expected.

  • another issue is that the current snapshot is not shown anywhere on the displays, but I’m glad to read that is being addressed. Ideally, one would need to read both the current pedalboard and the shapshot on the displays. Will it be done too?

All in all it’s already a great improvement in my way of using multieffects. It’s still problematic in some ways. For example, a lot of cheap midi footswitch controllers (including mine) allow you to select only one midi channel for all messages, so I have to choose whether to operate Duo pedalboards or Duo shapshots, unless I get another controller or a more powerful one like the Behringer FCB1010.

I’m thinking of some workarounds to effectively use pedalboard switching and snapshot switching at the same time with minimal pedalboard redesign. Maybe some kind of hardware midi mapping tool?


That’s great to hear @Tarrasque73,

Yes! Feel free to help making the wiki better. That’s the idea. The registration is open. If you have any trouble logging in let me know.


I did some draft editing of the Wiki in regards to pedalboard/snapshot navigation. let me know what you think about it.

One thing I noticed is that there are various parts (images included) where pedalboard snapshots are still called pedalboard presets. Do you want me to edit them, too?


I was wondering:

would it be possible to add to the available settings an option where instead of assigning a MIDI channel for snapshot you assign an “offset” of the messages on the same channel set for pedalboards?

I’ll try to make an example:


In this way both pedalboards and snapshots will be switched listening to just one channel. PC messages from 1 to 20 will be converted as index for the pedalboard list, just as it happens now. Messages 50+ will be subtracted 50 and converted to indexes for the snapshot list.

You’ll have to decide how many pedalboards to limit your MIDI switchable list to, but over all I think this would be a perfectly acceptable trade off in order to have pedalboards and snapshots switchable using just a MIDI channel.

Do you think it would be possible / easy to implement in the future?