I cannot help but evangalise about how great my Dwarf is. Is there any other device that can offer so many effects including looper and synth … and of course the neural modelling of the AIDA-X!? (I have yet to identify a single one)

I am delighted to see that a few fellow bass players (On https://www.basschat.co.uk/) have already got a Dwarf … and a few are posting that they are seriously considering one!

Where do you share about the wonders of the MOD Dwarf!?


…and all that in a very small and transportable box for only 500 Euros… much more people should know the Dwarf, that’s my opinion as well.


@Smanth delighted to hear that! While well-founded criticism is steering our continuous improvement, such excitement is fueling our motivation. And evangelism is something we really need, because motivation alone is not paying the bills even of our meanwhile extremely lean company. Establishing us with the Dwarf and zero paid ads is tough against those Goliaths out there with so much more reach.

Therefore all sorts of evangelizing BEYOND our forum is of tremendous value. If you purchased at a retailer where you can leave a rating or review, that’s an exclusive one-off reach nobody else has. Posting real enthusiasm or practical advise on concerns make a difference wherever it’s about the Dwarf or new plugins like currently the AIDA-X on the socials. If you have used competitor products and can make a proper comparision, post it in the socials about those products please! Youtubers love engagement; chances we get more attention from the current or coverage from high profile channels we cannot pay are growing with each comment.

@Kim I saw you were very active recently with such posts alongside @dreamer and some other recognizable forum handles. Thanks a lot! Maybe you could even organize for evangelism with @Smanth and anyone else interested? To keep it fully authentic, I believe aligning on specifics should be done at the sole discretion of the community. In case you want a closed forum area for that, let us know.

Finally, for immediate action, this seems to be the hottest place today: