Eq inside the Dwarf

I think it could be really useful to have an EQ inside the Dwarf ( as we’ve got a noise gate and a compressor ) with 3 bands and maybe with the PUSH on the Knob alternate between Freq and Gain…I’ve experimented troubles on a show with a sound system that was very harsh sounding and i had no time to change all my EQ’s in Dwarf’s presets.
Having an EQ “in the box” could have sold my problems…


This is a nice idea. Having this built into the pre (or post?) pedalboard stage to quickly be able to “tune” the sound.
Although a simple 3-band EQ might end up being too limited for such applications.

It could give at least some direct tonal control without having to open the pedalboard and add one of the parametric EQ plugins (although these give much more finer control over the sound).


A global EQ on inputs and Outputs with presets would be fantastic, maybe a 5 band parametric.


The fact is that if a noise gate is almost always used right at the input, and a volume is almost always needed at the output, and so it makes good sense to include a built-in plugin at those stages, an eq kor more than one) might be needed almost everywhere in the chain.

So maybe, it’s easier to just create an empty base pedalboard with 2 eqs and use that to create new pedalboards.

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Not very practical since you’d need to set the eq every time you load a new pedalboard or a new snapshot.

Seems to me, in such a set up, that the eq part should belong to the PA though…

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