Envelope follower?

just wondering if anyone has a good envelope follower solution…

i’ve been using the Distrho Amplitude Imposer to control the amplitude of a synth, so that it tracks envelopes nicely with my acoustic instrument – it’s ok, but really not very smooth - the resulting sound is kind of jittery or bumpy, like the envelope tracking is jumping around between discrete values or something.

any ideas for a better solution?

@solobasssteve - i feel like this might be something you’ve dealt with?? :slight_smile:

I have these plugins: http://ssj71.github.io/infamousPlugins/plugs.html#envfollower

but I’ve been kind of waiting for some solution that allows midi of 1 plugin to control a parameter of another (beside the silly midi loopback solution). The CV version really would be better, but AFAIK no other plugins in stable yet will take the CV. I should get them on mod though to end the chicken and egg cycle.

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…big fan of your stuff… :clap:

I’ve started working on this idea:

but I have very little availability to make any sort of progress on it.

Is that something you’d be interested in helping implementing ?

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i can help as a tester.

That is already something ! But be patient with me please.

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of course! :slight_smile:

Hi ! Little Up :slight_smile:

Now is there something existing to follow the envelope of a bass or guitar and convert it to cv signal we can affect to various parameters ?

Thank you


Not really. It’s still on plans.
You kind of can do it using a Audio to CV and the Slew Rate Limiter.


Ok ! Thank you for your help, I’m gonna try it :wink:

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Hum…it doesn’t work, I would be with my Electric Bass ?

It just create an little random cv signal, but nothing from 0 (when I don’t play) to 10 (for the biggest note’s attacks).

Can the Attenuverter Booster help you somehow?

I must be honest and tell you that I couldn’t try the setup myself, it came out from some talks with other people on our team :slight_smile:


What about it doesn’t work?

I’ve been able to make a rudimentary synth using audio input (guitar) + Audio to CV Pitch + Audio to CV + a few Slew limiters, VCO’s and a VCA

I’m pretty new to CV, I imagine a Envelope Follower does more than the Audio to CV plugin - but that seems to work for basic needs.


@T-Pulse What works for me is to run the signal through

1.Mod Gain - max boost, I think of this as gain stage 1
2. Audio 2 CV with fairly high level, gain stage 2
3. Slew Rate Limiter with attack shorter than release, this a bit like an LPF smoothing the signal
4. CV parameter mod to further boost or invert the signal, gain stage 3

I’ll also experiment with the polarity when mapping - if something doesn’t work I invert it and sometimes it behaves more as expected

It’s also helpful to have the cv signal mapped to parameter you can see so you can see the parameter changes while calibrating the various gain stages.

Would love to be able to save this as Macro of some sort that I could reuse quickly