Enable assign of IR Loader cabsim responses

currently there is no way to assign controls to the loaded response. would be great to be able to change it in real time


The IR Loader is a first kind of sample plugin for the new file handling feature (added on the 1.10 version of the OS).
We are aware that this plugins may lack a few things, but also we wanted to leave them as simple as possible to properly demo this new feature. It’s possible that in the future we get other plugins that allow you to input IRs and/or improve this one.
Anyway, I’m saving your request :wink:


Hello @jon

Any chance of this feature be implemented in a near future?


not sure if this addresses your need, but what I do with the IR loader is create a preset with a friendly name (I find the IR files tend to have gibberish names) and then assign the presets to a knob. For example, one preset is “VOX212-AC30”, where the file name indicates which mic is used, position of mic, bit depth, etc.


@rogeriocouto, @malfunction54 is correct.
I’m not sure about what is limiting the direct assignment, but you can always use the preset technique explained by @malfunction54.

Thanks @malfunction54 :slight_smile:


Hello @jon and @malfunction54

I’ve jumped in this thread but now I think that my feature request is a different one.

As of now the user need to manually create the preset list and this is very time consuming.

I would like all the uploaded IR’s to automatically appear as “factory default presets”.
In this way the user can “assign all” to a device knob and in this way try and choose the IR’s directly on the unit (dwarf) without the need to be connected to the browser GUI.
This would make a lot easier to create a “user preset list” with only the favorite ones.

This is also true to the “MOD Convolution Loader” and “IR Convolver”.

Hope this is a feasible request. :wink:


Yes, I agree that feature would be very welcome. My suggestion is merely a workaround and not ideal.