Eliminate one click when making assignments

It’s already irritating me that every time I want to make an assignment of a parameter to a knob or switch, I have to click from “None” to “Device” before selecting which knob or switch to assign to. I think it should be possible to improve the UX design to eliminate this click, so that even when there is no assignment, the “Device” tab (or whichever tab was last selected) is displayed by default. Then it would be a single click to select which knob or switch to assign it too. By defaulting to the last selected tab, this would automatically cater for those who are primarily using an external MIDI controller, or control chain device.

Of course if ditching the “None” tab, it would be important to retain a clear indication of whether the parameter is currently assigned to anything, but I’m sure there’s a good UX design which would allow that. Perhaps some indicator above the matrix?