EAE Halberd v2 and Longsword V4

Heres a few rough captures based on the Electronic Audio Experiments Halberd and Longsword pedals.

This is a first pass and need to take more time to A/B them with the real thing, once I’m happy with the results I’ll expand the captures to include a few different flavours as both are hugely responsive to the settings.

Halberd V2

Thick and crunchy - Heaviest voicing with Gain, Tone and Depth set to 1 o’clock.
eae-halberd-thick-crunch.json (31.7 KB)

Thick and chewy - Heaviest voicing with Gain and Depth at around 3, Tone at 1 o’clock
eae-halberd-thick-chewy.json (31.7 KB)


Bass settings with boost - Silicone clipping with bass boost. Gain at 12, boost at around 11
eae-longsword-bass-settings-with-boost.json (31.7 KB)

I’ll update the list as I refine the captures a little more and extend the range of models.


Heres a really quick comparison of the “Thick and chewy” model with the real thing. First is the pedal, 2nd is the Dwarf.


first off, that sounds really amazing! Secondly, I can only barely distinguish the first from the second. Certainly in the context of a song or live mix, it would be indistinguishable. At least to my ears :slight_smile:


sounds great and massive - I hope we can release the new dataset and training in the near future.
This would really bring it up a level.


Yeah I know! The capture actually sounds ever so slightly cleaner.

The main issue with this pedal and capturing it is how interactive all the controls are. You’d need a load of captures to really get the full spectrum, especially with the 3 voicings it has from clanky to thick.

What would be cool with AIDA-X is if you could pass in a “set” of profiles of an amp/pedal at different gain levels etc and blend between them to fake in between states. Kind of like on drum samples where they have a few recordings of different velocities and blend them to get the full 0-127 range of midi velocity options.


did you try to boost the input by +6 dB?

you don’t have to. You could just capture each of those positions on the knobs and run them through the training. That’s what we did with the premium plugins. Could be easily done with two parameters.
More than that the capturing and training times go up by a lot.


Can you elaborate more on that?

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I tried a few different input levels and setups but this was the one I found to be closest. Sorry “cleaner” was a really poor choice of words, I meant to say it felt more polished like it had some of the fizz in the higher frequencies EQd. I think that could be a pro or con depending on your perspective and how raw sounding you want your drives.

Yeah possibly, might need to try and get a few captures with different gain, treble and bass settings with each of the 3 voicings. I tried a few different approaches with EQ pre/post and using the EQ on AIDA-X to try and emulate the effect the Tone and Depth controls sound on the pedal but couldn’t get close.

Same goes for the Longsword, the 3 clipping diode settings have a big impact on the drive although I found that tweaking the EQ on the AIDA-X plugin was much closer to tweaking the pedals 3 band EQ in how it effected the tone etc.