DWARF: Volume balance with snapshots and effects

Question for experienced MOD guitarists.
How do you solve the question of volume balance when switching a snapshot and/or switching on/off an effect via footswitch.

When switching snappshots, I found it useful place a tiny gain with subsequent VolumeMOD before the output…
The Tiny gain balances the volume settings between the snapshots, the volume control is assigned to button 3 to be able to change the volume quickly during a GIG. Any usable volume pedal would be bigger than the Dwarf and rob me of the Dwarf’s weight and space advantage.
I have more problems with switching effects on and off.
For example, the CS Chorus 2 effect I assigned to foot switch 2, reduces the volume noticeably.
But I can’t assign a Tiny gain or a VolumeMOD to the same footswitch to compensate for the volume differences.
I have seen that the request that each plugin should have a level setting assigned already been asked
But we don’t have that yet. What do you do in this case?
Thanks in advance for Tips

You can save different tiny gain amounts within the snapshots so you don’t have to adjust the gain every time you load a snapshot.

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Yep This I already do . I did not mentioned it above. So if there are not any better solution I can live with that.
With on/off switching of effects via footswitch i did not find a solution to prevent volume changes.

Thanks for reply

Hi @Sharry

Here is a simple solution where you let the pedals ON, you just send the signal through it when needed :

And this solution to see clearly the states of the sending with the footshitches :

With those solution you can get the trails of reverbs or delays.

Does it help ?

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Thank you very much for this suggestions.
I think this will help. I will try it out today or tomorrow.

BTW: The mixer integration seems to make some other interesting applications possible.

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First of all, switching effects in parallel instead of in series, as is usually the case on pedalboards, also produces a good sound.
With the mixer and the level meter, which I also found in a thread today, I have now found a way of working that is faster than I had before.
Thanks again.


yeah, the mixer plugins open an entire world of possibilities.