Dwarf USB expression pedal dropout


I have a USB expression pedal connected to the Dwarf
It’s plugged into input A.
It works like a dream until I switch pedalboards.
The new pedalboard does not “see” the pedal until I
disconnect it and plug it in again.

How to reproduce

  1. Connect USB expression pedal
  2. Assign it to MIDI (ch. 1 CC#11)
  3. Check that it works
  4. After switching pedalboard pedal is dead…
  • still assigned to MIDI ch. 1 CC#11
    but no function until physically re-connected…

It’s not a big problem for me, I have already found workarounds, but I’d like to see it fixed.

Dwarf OS:
Mac Big Sur

What a wonderful machine, the MOD Dwarf! :+1::sunglasses:


I forgot to mention that the USB pedal also does NOT function after boot up; only after I physically remove and then insert the USB plug does it activate.
(…much easier to reproduce… )

I tried the same thing on a MOD DUO X

  • it works flawlessly…
    hope this helps…

Thanks for the information.
I have 2 questions.
1.which pedal exactly did you use.
2. why CC11 and not CC7.
CC7 is my knowledge the absolute volume.CC11 should be the effect of the volume setting with CC11.

Thanks for your prompt response.

  1. The pedal is a Lehle Dual Expression
  2. CC#11 is Expression Controller

“The LEHLE DUAL EXPRESSION sends the control change command 11 on MIDI channel 1 by default.”

so in the first example it is controlling the pitch of the Super Whammy,
in the second example it is controlling a MOD Volume 2x2

Thanks for the quick reply. The price of the pedal is not so little :smiley:
CC11 is the default value of the pedal.
I suppose you could set other CC’s as well.
CC11 does not work the same for every device, but if it fits for the Dwarf so it’s OK.
I will buy the USB MIDI Pedal Controller for around €60 and use one of my existing expression pedals.
For me, volume control via pedal is the main application in a life performance.

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This is also nice, and only €39.90

Quite cheaper :smiley:
I think it’s for switch-commands and not for Value-controller

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