Dwarf - setting up one of the channels as an effects loop

I got the Dwarf a couple of weeks ago - love it! But I want to incorporate my existing pedalboard. I was made to believe that it could be set up as 2 mono channels, using 1 as an effects loop. Any hints would be appreciated. Also, I don’t have an output signal on channel 2; I have an input signal but no output signal.

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Hello, I use my Boss Sy1 as an external FX. Is actually quite simple.

Input 1 - here comes the guitar signal in
Output 1 - into the input Boss Sy1 or any external FX chain

Input 2 - here comes back the signal of your external effect chain
Output 2 - output of your final signal

Now you just have to get the signal from Input 1 to Output 1 in the web-interspace on your virtual pedalboard and at the same time get your signal from Input 2 to Output 2. Over which internal effects you go the way, or whether you go it directly remains of course your sound desires left.


I have a similar setup but I have an additional cross-fader device (the xotic effects X-Blender) on my board that really helps me dial in my control.

(I have a Rickenbacker with Ric-o-sound that allows me to output individual pickups)

Input 1 - Guitar Neck Pickup
Input 2 - Guitar Treble pickup
Output 1 - Input on x-blender
Output 2 - Direct to Input of effects loop (Skip the send input of the X-Blender)
Return on X-blender - Input from effects loop
Out on X-Blender - Out to Chorus / DI

Internal on the Dwarf:
Input 1 - usually my dry loop - keep it simple for a clean, full sound - to Out 1
Input 2 - usually my wet loop - add effects as desired - to Out 2

The neat thing about the Dwarf is that it can be so flexible and really go anywhere you want it.

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