Dwarf Power Supply

I would love to know if Mod can provide details about the Dwarf power supply. I was drawn to the unit because of its portable size and hope that you provide a compact/ pedalboard friendly solution to powering the unit. Can other users upload pictures of the Duo/ Duo X power supply units?

I’m not near my equipment at the moment, but the Duo’s is a standard consumer electronics power supply similar to this one: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AD3-12502--hammond-ad3-12502-power-adapter-for-sk-1-sk-2-skx

I don’t think it is significantly thicker - if at all - than many of the isolated power supplies on the market and should be able to fit under the raised side of most rigs.

I use this quite frequently, very useful when there are no power sockets nearby

sadly I see it is sold out :frowning: