[Dwarf] peak indicator calibration

Is it possible to calibrate the peak indicator? With current pedalboard (DESTROYER RIG - AAAAH) I see both input and output LEDs are constantly blue/green, not even blinking yellow. Dwarf’s output is directly connected to my mixer (Yamaha MG06) and its peak LED indicators are fully red. I hear clipping all the way but looking at Dwarf LED indicators only I won’t say that the signal is clipping. Is there a way to calibrate it?

There is not.

The dwarf LEDs are set from what the digital audio is using.
If you have clipping after the Dwarf, seems like the Dwarf output gain needs to be reduced?

I have clipping in what I hear but it’s not evident from Dwarf’s LEDs, they’re steady green. I know I can adjust the levels by hear but in this case peak led are useless.

hmm might depend on the signal type.
the bass is less pronounced on the peakmeter LEDs.

do you know how to ssh into the unit?
running jack_capture in there allows to record the outputs, that could be useful to have a direct recording and then do some testing on our side.

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Yep I can do it. With a closer look I found that the color is not steady green but yellow first then green (never red). Maybe yellow already means clipping?

bliking red would be clipping, with red being fully close to clipping.
yellow is getting into dangerous area.

anyway, would be great if you could record and upload something.

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