Dwarf Output Jack Issues

I have been gigging my Dwarf for a long time now, but the other day I couldn’t get an output, the light was going green on the input, so the bass (and wireless) was ok, but nothing out. I changed the lead, but still nothing, checked the amp etc. Then in changing the lead again I hadn’t muted as I was panicking, and as I pulled the plug out it sprang to life. Then I realised that with the plug half out it worked fine. Checked the plugs when I got back, next gig, no sound, pull the plug out half, works fine. So now it only works half out. I read somewhere that there were balanced outputs, so maybe the jack needs to sit with the tip on the ring connector, but it was never like this before, so it has either failed or there is a setting I don’t know about.
Does anyone know of any setting or does this have to go back?

I experienced something similar with my Dwarf. I had it set up in my music room for testing, and one day after powering everything up, I wasn’t getting any audio out (all hardware and connections left as is from prior session) Similar troubleshooting steps and was about to give up when I thought to swap in a TRS cable(s). That solved it for me at the time. Sadly I haven’t used the Dwarf for anything for several months due to inability to overcome the persistent noise. I hope you find a good resolution.

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Yeh, I will try that, but seeing as it did work and it stopped I don’t hold much hope. Incidently mine always went back because of the noise but I had a different power supply lying around, used that and noise free, now it is my main gigging device, don’t know why they don’t provide a good one to start, must put a lot of people off.

Have you tried changing the power supply. Seem to fix the noise for most people.

Tried it at a gig again last night same thing. I also noticed that while output 1 needs to be pulled half out, output 2 (where I have a keyboard output) doesn’t, so even if there was a setting, I doubt it would apply to one and not the other.
I guess it is going to need to go back :slightly_frowning_face:

which power supply do you use? I bought another one zhat was recommended but the noise is still there

Maybe best to take that to one of the noise threads, I am trying to get info on my Jack Socket issue here

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