DWARF - no signal from the outputs

Hi there!

I’ve recently bought the DWARF. After returning from my holidays, to my surprise I was not getting any signal out of it, but I though it will be some bug with the pedal board I did and maybe just need to load it again from my laptop.

Unfortunately I’m now trying and none of the pedalboards from the website are outputing anything. In the laptop I see how the audio is running through the chain normally, but in the hardware there’s no audio nor LED indicating audio is coming out. On the other hand, the input LED is showing signal is coming through, and it’s also responding on level when I increase the gain from my source signal.

Could be a problem with the hardware itself? Any way to reset the entire pedal?

Thanks in advance <3

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Hello @ameeva,

Thanks for getting a Dwarf :slight_smile:

It always can be that. But I have a few doubts.
Have you checked your gain levels?
(This one sounds silly, but…), are you sure that you are connecting the outputs to the speakers/amp and not the ins? (I did this mistake myself once while moving things around)


I’ve had this behavior from time to time. I have found that power cycling the Dwarf will resolve the issue.


gain is all set up and cables are correct, unfortunately :frowning:

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by power cycling you mean turning on and off? or any kind of reset?

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off and on again. A few times, I had to do this more than once.

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I remember an issue like that, was corrected on v1.12


what version is in your Dwarf @ameeva ?


Help, my output 2 lights but no sound.
I was recently playing around with looping with the LP3 on my Yamaha silent classical guitar with headphones coming from the dwarf… lots of fun. Later that day turned it on again and (same setup) I was only hearing from the right side of the headphones… normally a restart solves issues like this but didn’t. To my surprise when connecting two amps to the outputs and turning on the computer to see the pedalboard I noticed that I couldn’t get audio out the 2nd output of the dwarf.

I tried switching the cables, the amps, different guitar, even erasing all pedals of the pedalboard and just run the cables from inputs to outputs… input 1 and 2 work no problem and output 1 as well… the weirds’t thing is that output 2 still lights but no audio is coming out.

has anyone have experienced something like this?

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Noobie mistake I guess. I checked everything hardware related but once I triple checked the menus, I saw, under audio outputs; output -2 gain was knocked down at 0… I have no idea how this happened but it did.

I’m very happy to say it works flawlessly again.