Dwarf mutes regularly

Weird issue. My Dwarf runs OK for 33 seconds and mutes for 5, then repeats the cycle. No interruption to the display while it does this. Still have hiss present on the headphone and output feed when it mutes but the actual device audio vanishes. Obviously renders this unusable but willing to test anything to troubleshoot the fault.

Does it still happen when no pedals are there?

If it only happens when pedals are present, is there a demo of a premium plugin on your board?

Yes there is – is that the cause? I was wondering if it was something like that. I was thinking of loading another pedalboard to test that, but it’s so hot in the room I’m using this I thought I would take a break.

That sounds exactly like one plugin in the chain is a demo, which results in what you describe.

Thank you so much all – yes I have now tried a different pedalboard and it’s fine. Sorry for the newbie question! But I’ve been having a little bit of trouble – sometimes I will have the inputs registering, have the output turned up and get absolutely nothing out of the Dwarf. I really don’t understand it.

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Okay – apologies again. The cab Sim IR file I created was producing a very low level output, and that’s what the problem was.

I really love this thing – even after my clumsy attempts to understand it!

All working well now!