Dwarf multiple actions from same CC controller input

I am using a paintaudio midi captain as an external midi controller for my mod dwarf. The midi captain is connected to the dwarf using CME widi devices - a widi master out of the midi captain communicating to a midi jack attached to the dwarf. The wireless midi communication is working fine. I have created a custom ‘preset’ in the midi captain dedicated to controlling the dwarf. The midi captain footswitches are all configured to send CC messages, and set to ‘toggle’ - essentially transmitting ‘on’ and ‘off’ commands with each subsequent down press of a footswitch on the midi captain (the cc value transmits 127 on the first press, 0 on the second). I also have an expression pedal connected to the midi captain which is also working perfectly. The deep programming mode of the midi captain is quite extensive. For those of you who know the unit I have not enabled the ‘action on releasing up’ for the individual footswitches, CC messages are only sent on the ‘down press’ of the footswitches.

One of my pedal boards in my dwarf contains 2 instances of the C* Scape - Stereo delay + Filters plug in. What I want to do is toggle them both on and off with a press of a single footswitch on the midi captain.

The problem I have run it to concerns assigning midi control to the ‘on/off’ state of the C* Scape plug in. Once I have assigned the midi control to the first instance of the plug in from the first footswitch on the mini captain (the way I have the midi captain footswitches configured this is CC #20) I cannot then also assign the same CC # to the second instance of the C* plug in. I am able to assign another footswtich to control the on/off state of the second plug in without any trouble (for example I can create a control assignment from footswitch 2 on the midi captain, this is set up to be CC #21). This defeats the object of what I am trying to do - a single footswtich press controlling the same action (on/off toggle) on two different instances of the same plug in within a single pedal board. Does the midi implemenation in the software prevent what I am trying to do? I have achieved the same kind of result with hardware many times, having a single CC message be received by muplitple hardware devices and carry out the action I have assigned to each device. It is frustrating not to be able to achieve the same thing with my dwarf - in which I am expecting software emulations of real devices to be able to behave in ways I expect when I am assigning controls.

Sorry, your message is quite complex and I may not understand completely. But there may be a trail with the Control to CV plugin as an intermediate between your controller and your plugins. I can make some tests if you need but I think there are already some topics addressing that kind of issue in the forum.

Hi. Thanks for replying. My message was detailed to indicate every step I had taken. I can play around with the cv to midi plug ins. What I am really asking is this…

Is it possible to assign the same continous controller input (cc#20 on midi channel 1) to control the on/off state of two instances of the same plug in in a single pedal board?

What I know for sure (I just tested it) is that you can have 1 Control to CV plugin turn on multiple plugins using CV assignment. If you manage to control this Control to CV plugin with your cc MIDI signal then you’re done.

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you have to add a “control to cv” plugin and assign to it the CC generated by the midi captain

then you can assign the CV value generated by that plugin to multiple items, i.e. the on/off toggles of the C*scape plugins

Have a look at CV Tutorial - MOD Wiki in particular the “Setting up Macro-Controls using CV” paragraph


Thanks for the help! Got the macro working but somehow it’s also triggering the metronome to start up - going to work out how to kill that next.

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Hi @Simon_Kibble, I just received my MIDI Captain std along with the expression pedal. I am still very novice at midi and sometimes I just don’t understand what is going on. I am trying to program my pedals in my duo x and some things are working and some aren’t. I just figured out that my Midi captain buttons aren’t acting like a toggle switch. The actions save fine, but it will only turn them on if they are off. If they are on already it does nothing. I am sure I have something set up incorrectly, but I don’t really know where to start looking. On the midi captain, I changed the preset to 7, which changes all buttons to CC mode. The device is using channel 1 and seems to be communicating fine. Any idea what is going on?

If anyone happens to be using a midi captain, here is what I figured out. By default (preset 1), the bottom row of buttons, labeled A, B, C and D, use PC for communication. The top row (1-4) uses CC which is set up for a Line 6 hx stomp. Presets 1-6 are configured for other types of devices and preset 7 is set up for all buttons to use CC for controls. However, toggle mode is turned off by default. So you’ll have to go into “deep setup” by connecting the midi captain to a computer and holding button 1 while turning it on. In setup, you’ll find a folder for each preset and a txt file for each button. Inside the txt file, you’ll find a setting for toggle mode. Change this to on for each one of the buttons (10 separate txt files). Then they’ll all work fine.

Hi Bruce, sorry it took me so long to reply, it’s been a long work day, but you’ve discovered on your own exactly what I was going to tell you - glad you got it worked out.

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