DWARF- MIDI channel for CC commands

I have found the MIDI channel numbers for programme changes and snapshot changes in the settings. Works fine with the IPad !.
On which channel CC-commands has to be transmitted?
Is there a spec of which CC commands incl. values are implied in the dwarf?

Hi @Sharry
What do you want to do ? If you’ve found the midi menu you can choose witch channel you want to use for changing pedalboards and snapshots.

If you want to change an effect parameter you can use the channel you want too :

  • just choose MIDI when you want to assign a parameter
  • save
  • now the Dwarf is listening for midi message you will send and assign it to this parameter.
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Thanks Rom for the quick response.
Changing the pedalboard and snapshot is clear to me. There are 2 midi channels to choose from in the settings menu.
Where else I can choose MIDI?

With other MIDI devices, I usually have to select a MIDI channel for the MIDI data either 1-16 or omni.
This is the first time I’ve seen that there is a separate channel for snapshot changes on a device.
I wonder on which of the 2 channels I have to send CC’s or note-on/off.
Since I haven’t found a CC list yet, I would like to reduce the trial and error list by a significant point.

Exactly !

Like I said, each parameter of each plugin could be assigned to a midi message. Is that what you’re looking for ?

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The answer is very simple. I was looking for the possibility to influence the volume of the Dwarf output with the CC7.
With my iPad, I had the possibility to send the volume of the keyboard player next to the programme change via setlist when calling up a song.
Until now, I had only limited the Dwarf to the possibility as a guitarist and was under the mistaken impression that the Dwarf could also be influenced in this way.
Your reply gave me the idea to take a closer look at the corresponding MIDI plugins. These are the ones where you can influence by channel numbers and other MIDI commands.
I suspect that I will still find corresponding plugins for remote volume-settings.
So once again reason to thank you.


ah okay ! There is no device parameters (other than snapshots and pedalboards) assignable via midi.
But is you need a master volume control you have a few plugin that can do this :

If you put one of those plugin at the end of your plugin-chain, you can assign the ON/OFF button and/or the volume knob to a midi controller


Thanks @Rom
Great, now I don’t even have to look for it. :smiley: